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Give Yourself Another Set of Eyes on the Road!

If you’re wishing you had just a bit of help looking for hazards on the road as you drive, take a look at the Mobileye system for Distracted Driving Safety. Long commutes and constant road trips cause fatigue. Sometimes we just cant pay attention to every single hazard as we travel down the road. Mobileye can help.

This amazing technology not only warns you when you’re approaching another car, it can alert you to a deviation from your lane, and read speed limit signs and let you know you’re traveling just a bit too fast.

Have kids that are driving now? This is like having mom or dad in the passenger seat, reminding them to slow down, not follow too closely, and leave the phone off and put away! Honestly we cant imaging letting teens drive a car without this technology present!

Camera based digital image processing system provides audio visual warnings about hazards in front of the vehicle:

Features include (click on video links for more information):

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