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Drive safely and avoid tickets: our Bluetooth wireless systems allow for noise-free, hands-free phone conversations. While New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts do not require hands-free devices, New York* does. Using the speakerphone option on your smartphone is a pain and causes echoes in your communication. It also requires that split second to look at your phone, answer, and connect to speakerphone. Stay safe, ticket-free and keep your family safe by adding Bluetooth to your vehicle.

Bluetooth Handsfree without LCD

    • Easy to use hands-free calling
    • Noise reduction and voice recognition calling
    • Pairs with up to 3 phones

Bluetooth Handsfree With LCD

    • LCD Screen with Caller ID
    • Automatic phonebook synchronization
    • Pairs with up to 5 phones

Premium Bluetooth Audio for iPhone/iPod

    • Pandora and iPhone music integration via streaming Bluetooth
    • Large 2.4” color display with album art
    • Caller ID and phonebook sync

We feature a 3-Year Warranty on all of our Bluetooth Audio Products

*Handsfree laws change frequently – this information could be out of date. Please check your individual state’s laws.

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