Add additional sunshine to your driving experience!

Warm sunny days were made for open windows and fresh air. Our sunroofs are powered with one-touch opening and closing as well as venting features. The sunroofs are designed with wind deflectors to minimize noise and overpowering airflow. Not only will you enjoy fresh air and sunshine while you drive, but this investment will increase the resale or trade-in value of your vehicle as well.

Our sunroofs carry a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our expert installers guarantee a weather-tight fit and our interior trim fittings are a factory match!

Power Sunroof / Moonroof

    • One-touch illuminated switch allows the roof to fully open, close or vent
    • Auto close feature allows the sunroof to close automatically when the ignition is switched off
    • Safety sensors stop the roof from closing if it encounters an obstruction
    • OEM interior trim and substrate allows for a clean interior appearance
    • Includes solar tinted glass and a shade to keep out hot sun and reduce noise when closed

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