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Keep your car warm in the winter and cool in the summer with a remote starter. Never enter an uncomfortable car again. We offer different levels of remote starters, some integrate with your car’s remote lock and unlock system or offer increased security. We have basic remote starters that start the car and unlock the driver’s door. All remote starters include two (2) fobs for your keychains as well as set up and training so you’re sure everyone in the family can use it safely and correctly.

All of our remote starters come with a 3-Year Warranty! Contact us at one of our 4 Locations – Norwood, Seekonk, and Auburn, MA; and Manchester, NH – for more info!

Remote Start w/Unlock

    • Small and simple remote starter
    • Start car and unlock doors
    • Includes 2 single button remotes
    • Pairs well with OEM keyless remotes

Remote Start w/Keyless Entry

    • Start car and lock/unlock doors and trunk (if applicable)
    • Includes panic button feature
    • Includes 2 four button remotes
    • Replaces OEM remote with all-on-one convenience

Remote Start w/Keyless Entry and Alarm • Start car, lock/unlock doors, arm/disarm alarm and open trunk

    • Includes panic button and protected valet
    • Includes 2 four-button remotes

Confirming Remote Start w/Keyless Entry and Alarm • LCD screen with 2-way confirmation of start

    • Vehicle intrusion alert
    • Includes one confirming remote and one four or five-button remote (as shown)
    • Programmable pre-scheduled run times
    • Cold temperature start w/2 or 4 hour auto start
    • Parking meter countdown timer

SmartSTART App for iPhone or Android

    • Activates your remote start from your phone
    • Warm or cool your car from anywhere
    • Unlocks doors if you’ve misplaced your keys or locked them inside
    • Safe and Secure, locks and denies access to anyone without the property phone/remote
    • Trunk release
    • Control multiple cars from one spot for busy families

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