Keep the family entertained for hours with these rear-seat DVD and Game Console video consoles.

Whether you’re taking road trips or just have busy afternoons going from one activity to another, keeping the noise and the questions to a minimum can be a blessing. With our aftermarket video systems you’re afforded some peace of mind, and the kids are entertained no matter where you’re headed.

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9” Drop Down Video System

    • Small and simple remote starter
    • Start car and unlock doors
    • Includes 2 single button remotes
    • Pairs well with OEM keyless remotes

10.2” Drop Down Video System

    • Includes wireless remote and 2 infra-red headphones
    • DVD player integrated with A/V input and remote
    • Available in Tan or Grey

7” Dual Headrest Video System

    • 2 replacement headrests with 7” color LCD
    • Adjustable mounting posts with 2 infra-red headphones
    • Dual DVD players with A/V input and wireless remote
    • Call for model specific availability

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